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About Us

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We Bring Help to Your Home

Established in 1974, Society’s Assets is a non-profit organization that provides a full range of affordable services in the comfort of your own home. Help can range from simple, weekly household tasks to personal care and independent living needs. We have 1,400 well-trained, qualified staff members already providing comprehensive in-home services to thousands of people across five counties in southeastern Wisconsin.

Our Professional Staff

Registered nurses, supervisors, certified nursing assistants, home care aides, coordinators and support staff are professional, dedicated individuals who make a positive impact on your life. Each staff member is carefully recruited and trained, then chosen to meet your needs with sensitivity and professionalism. They love helping people and seeing clients achieve their goals. All staff members are bonded and insured for your safety.

Mission Statement

To ensure the rights of all persons with disabilities to live and function as independently as possible in the community of their choice, through supporting individual’s efforts to achieve control over their lives and become integrated into community life.

  • To promote the philosophy of independent living throughout the Society’s Assets service delivery area, emphasizing consumer control/leadership and ability
  • To serve as a centralized point of contact for information, resources and services in the areas needed to maintain independent living
  • To be a model employer for persons with disabilities, adhering to accepted affirmative action and equal opportunity principles in all agency programs and facilities
  • To encourage and assist local communities in the removal of attitudinal, communication, physical and societal barriers to promote the participation of people with disabilities in their community
  • To promote the awareness and full exercise of human, statutory and constitutional rights for persons with disabilities

Ability. . .Not Disability: A Historical Perspective

Society's Assets began in 1972 as an informal, grass roots effort led by people with disabilities and incorporated in 1974. One of the agency’s first goals was to expand home health care in Racine. Many individuals with severe disabilities were forced to spend their lives in bed in the evenings and on the weekends since home health care was provided on weekdays only, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. With funding from the Comprehensive Education and Training Act (CETA), which provided funds for non-profit agencies hiring people with disabilities, the group opened an office and established a home care service which operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Society’s Assets led the way in developing other services and resources for seniors and people with disabilities, e.g., information and referral, independent living skills, advocacy, peer support, personal care, household assistance, telecommunications relay system, try-out program for adaptive equipment, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consultation. Today the agency still provides most of the same services it offered in the early years. However, the scope, complexity, and volume has increased and continues to grow.

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